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Above, NYE at the Villa Lucia (2015)                                      

                   Greetings from the Capital Couple

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Life goes on and things change. The Capital Couple. AKA: Deanna and Peter, acquired that title, twenty five years ago, on moving to Ottawa. Prior to that we had lived in the country, four miles from the nearest town - Uxbridge, Ontario - an hours drive from Toronto. As we grew older though, we needed to be closer to medical facilities, restaurants, and stores, so we came to the city. But then what to do?

Having been with GM for 31 years, the first 12 in PR, the rest in Financial, (Visual Communications). Peter was happy to retire at age 57 when offered. After a few months, looking for something to do: Makepeace Lighting came into being as a hobby.
Then, after 10 years devoted to Makepeace Lighting, and we had moved to the Capital, Peter, now without a workshop, had to find something else to occupy his leisure time. And Capital Creations, came into being also as a hobby. And he began to build web sites on a voluntary basis for many non profit organizations.

Over the past 23 years he has been responsible for ICA International and 23 other ICAs worldwide, in addition, several artists, and other non commercial sites. However, with 2 exceptions, our Family Buzz, is the only thing that ties him to the computer now :)

While living here in the city, we also acquired a social life. We joined the Good Companions, a meeting place for seniors. First, Dea attending their book club and later, both Dea and Peter going to their ballroom dancing classes. That, eventually led to us going out clubbing three nights a week and meeting many, many other people who became our friends. And that explains our title picture.

Those times are now long past though. Presently our outings, instead of visiting dancing venues, are more inclined to be of a medical nature. But Hey! As mentioned at the beginning: Life goes on :)

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