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Above, NYE at the Villa Lucia (2015)                                      

Greetings from the Capital

If you want to know what we have been up to web wise over the past while this is the place to come to. There are links to some of the many sites that Peter has built and works with currently, and some sites that are no longer active but are still interesting. There are also some family places to visit, past and present.

Some recent family pictures 2012-14     
Click on first picture and use arrow keys to navigate      

Note: the Family Buzz mentioned here is a short version. With its variable number of submissions - occasionally up to 10 - this is our weekly journal, now in its 11th. year of publication, and the way we keep in touch with one another. The one shown is the updated version for 2019.

There are too many broken links on the old Ellins' site now to justify its inclusion so it has been left out for the time being; after all, most of it is some 10 to 19 years old. And apart from broken links it uses out of date technology for displaying the many pictures. It will be revived as an archive or history, at a later date. Whoops! It looks as though its time has come there is now a revised edition not complete but many of the original pages :)


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